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Autodesk Research interacts with academic and business partners in a number of ways. We have several key academic partners that we work with directly, both faculty and students, on common projects. We also work with colleagues at corporate research groups such as Intel Research and Microsoft Research. Beyond this, we support academic research through our Research Donation Program that has lead to many impressive research outcomes around the world in diverse topics and domains.

Conference Sponsorship Program

Autodesk Research is proud to support the top scientific conferences in our industry. Support of the research community is critical for a vibrant and evolving industry, bringing together industry and academics, collaborators and competitors, towards a common good of advancing our discipline, sharing knowledge and collectively planning our roadmap into the future. The sponsorship program provides monetary funding to support conferences and events and in addition, Autodesk researchers serve the research community by participating in conference organization and scientific paper review.

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Research Donation Program

The Autodesk Research Donation Program seeks to support and encourage experimental research in human-computer interaction and computer graphics, especially for the creation of compelling graphics and other digital visual experiences. Donations are strictly for academic, not-for-profit research, and cannot be used for general educational purposes.

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Research Internship Program

Autodesk research has a thriving internship program and we are always looking for bright and motivated researchers to join our team. Typically interns are graduate-level university students from areas of computer science which relate to our research interests. Our internship program provides students with an incredibly valuable opportunity to apply, broaden, and strengthen their own research skills, working closely with our team of experienced computer science researchers. We accept interns at all times of the year, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Research Sponsorship Program

Autodesk recognizes that academic research creates some of the most important work and thought-leadership that help evolve our industry. Our goal with our research sponsorship program is to nurture the early sparks created by academic research that may someday lead to great scientific breakthroughs and innovations. With this I mind, Autodesk Research funds and collaboratively works the best and brightest researchers and research programs in effort to explore and discover future breakthroughs in design technology.

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