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Draco: Bringing Life to Illustrations with Kinetic Textures



Draco is a prototype sketch-based interface from that allows artists and casual users alike to add a rich set of animation effects to their drawings, seemingly bringing illustrations to life. While previous systems have introduced sketch-based animations for individual objects, our contribution is a unified framework of motion controls that allows users to seamlessly add coordinated motions to object collections. We propose a framework built around kinetic textures, which provide continuous animation effects while preserving the unique timeless nature of still illustrations. This enables many dynamic effects difficult or not possible with previous sketch-based tools, such as a school of fish swimming, tree leaves blowing in the wind, or water rippling in a pond. A user study with professional animators and casual users demonstrates the variety of animations, applications and creative possibilities our tool provides.

Autodesk is currently looking into ways to make this technology available to mass users. If you are interested in this technology, please sign up for beta testing.


Draco: Bringing Life to Illustrations with Kinetic Textures

Rubaiat Habib, Fanny Chevalier, Tovi Grossman, Shengdong Zhao & George Fitzmaurice. (2014).
Draco: Bringing Life to Illustrations with Kinetic Textures
CHI 2014 Conference Proceedings:
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
10 pages.

Honorable Mention Award, Best Video Award, Best Talk Award

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Rubaiat Habib

Fanny Chevalier

Tovi Grossman

Shengdong Zhao

George Fitzmaurice

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