All People

Department Heads

Senior Director of Research

Gord Kurtenbach Senior Director of Research

Head of The Living

David Benjamin Head of The Living

Director Robotics

Erin Bradner Director Robotics

Head of Industry Research

Mark Davis Head of Industry Research

Head of User Interface Research

George Fitzmaurice Head of User Interface Research

Head of Machine Intelligence

Mike Haley Head of Machine Intelligence

Head of Computational Science Research

Francesco Iorio Head of Computational Science Research

Head of Complex Systems Research

Azam Khan Head of Complex Systems Research

Research Staff

Principal Research Scientist

Fraser Anderson Principal Research Scientist

Senior Research Engineer

Evan Atherton Senior Research Engineer

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Pavel Babikov Senior Principal Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Kosala Bandara Research Scientist

Senior Research Scientist

Jacky Bibliowicz Senior Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist

Simon Breslav Principal Research Scientist

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Adrian Butscher Senior Principal Research Scientist

AI Systems Engineer

Liviu-Mihai Calin AI Systems Engineer

Principal Engineer

Josh Cameron Principal Engineer

Principal Developer

Michael Chen Principal Developer

Senior Research Scientist

Chin-Yi Cheng Senior Research Scientist

Senior Research Scientist

Hyunmin Cheong Senior Research Scientist

Research Engineer

Jason Cuenco Research Engineer

Principal Research Developer

Ara Danielyan Principal Research Developer

Senior Research Engineer

Mehran Ebrahimi Senior Research Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer

Marco Fiocco Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. User Experience Designer

Dianne Gault Sr. User Experience Designer

Principal Research Scientist

Michael Glueck Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist

Rhys Goldstein Principal Research Scientist

Distinguished Research Scientist

Tovi Grossman Distinguished Research Scientist

Senior Research Scientist

Ali Hashemi Senior Research Scientist

Principal AI Research Scientist

Kaveh Hassani Principal AI Research Scientist

Sr. Principal Research Engineer

Clayton Hotson Sr. Principal Research Engineer

Principal Research Scientist

Farhad Javid Principal Research Scientist

Sr Software Engineer

Gareth Jones Sr Software Engineer

Head of AI Engineering, AI & Robotics

Peter Jones Head of AI Engineering, AI & Robotics

Senior Research Engineer

Heather Kerrick Senior Research Engineer

Software Architect

Yotto Koga Software Architect

Principal Research Scientist

Ben Lafreniere Principal Research Scientist

Design Research Scientist

Hali Larsen Design Research Scientist

Sr. Research Scientist

Damon Lau Sr. Research Scientist

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Lee Senior Software Engineer

Principal Research Scientist

Hui Xylo Li Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist

John Locke Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist

Justin Matejka Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist

Massimiliano Meneghin Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Engineer

Daniel Mercier Principal Research Engineer

Principal Research Engineer

Nigel Morris Principal Research Engineer

Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Massimiliano (Max) Moruzzi Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Engineer

Patrick Nadeau Principal Research Engineer

Sr. Research Scientist

Danil Nagy Sr. Research Scientist

Sr. Principal Developer

Andy Nogueira Sr. Principal Developer

Senior Research Scientist

Mehdi Nourbakhsh Senior Research Scientist

Sr. SW Development Manager

Anthony Ruto Sr. SW Development Manager

Software Development Manager

John Schmier Software Development Manager

Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Hooman Shayani Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Research Scientist Associate

James Stoddart Research Scientist Associate

Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Alexander Tessier Sr. Principal Research Scientist

Research Scientist Associate

Lorenzo Villaggi Research Scientist Associate

Principal Research Scientist

Pavel Volnyakov Principal Research Scientist

Platform Architect & Evangelist

Kean Walmsley Platform Architect & Evangelist

Sr. Research Scientist

Merry Wang Sr. Research Scientist

Research Scientist Associate

Ray Wang Research Scientist Associate

Sr. Research Engineer

Dale Zhao Sr. Research Engineer

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Post-doctoral Researcher

Hesam Salehipour Post-doctoral Researcher

Post-doctoral Researcher

Jenmy Zhang Post-doctoral Researcher

Associated Researchers

Autodesk Technology Centers

Ramtin Attar Autodesk Technology Centers

Research Interns

Ruta Desai Graduate Research Intern

Research Co-Ops

Pranav Jain Undergraduate Research Co-op


Robert Aish Former Director of Software Development, PSEB-ACAD & APP Engineering

Peter Akiki Research Assistant funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Don Almeida Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Dion Amago Senior Software Engineer

Asif Amirguliyev Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Byoungkwon (Kwon) An Principal Research Scientist

Sean Anderson Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Michelle Annett Post-Doctoral Researcher

Peter Argany Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Rahul Arora Graduate Research Intern

Christophe Audouze Graduate Research Intern

Alex Babkin Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Nohad Badran-Videau Project/Program Specialist

Ravin Balakrishnan Research Scientist

Aidin Balo Graduate Research Intern

Nikola Banovic Graduate Research Intern

Maxwell Bates Senior Engineer

Thomas Baudel Senior Research Scientist

Nick Beirne Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Michael Bergin Principal Research Scientist

Aaron Berliner Senior Research Scientist

Justin Berquist Research Assistant funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, CREATE Program

Yann Bertaud QA Engineer

Srikanth Bethi Sr Software Engineer

Xiaojun Bi Graduate Research Intern

Natalia Bogdan Graduate Research Intern

Tyson Brochu Principal Research Scientist

Skyler Brungardt Senior Software Engineer

Evan Burak Undergraduate Research Co-op

Nicolas Burtnyk Graduate Research Intern

Bill Buxton Chief Scientist

Jimmy Cao Software Engineer

Xiaoqing Cao Senior Software Engineer

Ian Chan Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Joannes Chan Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Deepak Chandran Principal Research Scientist

Hsiang-Ting (Tim) Chen Graduate Research Intern

Xiang Anthony Chen Graduate Research Intern

Adrian Cheung Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Parmit Chilana Graduate Research Intern

Steven Chung Graduate Research Intern

Pietro Consoli Graduate Research Intern

Keenan Crane Graduate Research Intern

Thomas Davies Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Chris De Paoli Undergraduate Research Co-Op

David Delp User Experience Designer

Aditya Dhoot Graduate Research Intern

Zhixuan Ding Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Volodymyr Dziubak Graduate Research Intern

Michael Ekstrand Graduate Research Intern

Steven Elliott Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Barrett Ens Graduate Research Intern

Awad Faddoul Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Marco Fais Graduate Research Intern

Amirsaman Farrokhpanah Graduate Research Intern

Jennifer Fernquist Graduate Research Intern

Eugene Fiume Head of Research

Ailie Fraser Graduate Research Intern

Lawson Fulton Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Madeline Gannon Graduate Research Intern

David Garcia Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Kevin Gibson Graduate Research Intern

Francisca Gil-Ureta Graduate Research Intern

Vincent Goulet Graduate Research Intern

Yann Gourdel Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Niels Grafen Graduate Research Intern

Ray Graham Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Eli Groban Head of Science, Autodesk Life Sciences

Xiaoxiao Guo Graduate Research Intern

Niyati Gupta Graduate Research Intern

Rubaiat Habib Principal Research Scientist

Torsten Hahmann Post-Doctoral Researcher

Beverly Harrison Research Scientist

Anni He Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Seongkook Heo Graduate Research Intern

Andrew Hessel Distinguished Research Scientist

Aaron Heuckroth Graduate Research Intern

Mohit Hingorani Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Christian Holz Graduate Research Intern

Mona Hosseinkhani Loorak Post-Doctoral Researcher

Anning Hu Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Conan Huang Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Haibin Huang Graduate Research Intern

Steven Huang Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Nathaniel Hudson Graduate Research Intern

Ken Hung Software Engineer

Drew Hylbert Principal Software Engineer

Steven Jacob Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Zach Jagoda Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Dae Jeon Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Ridhi Jhavar Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Qiang Jia Graduate Research Intern

Daniel Jin Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Matija Kecman Research Engineer

Andrew Kimoto Web Application Developer

Menaka Kiriwattuduwa Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Jarrod Knibbe Graduate Research Intern

Nicholas Kong Graduate Research Intern

Sobia Kwaja Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Joe Lachoff Senior Principal User Experience Designer

David Ledo Graduate Research Intern

Andy Lee Undergraduate Research Co-op

Day Lee Undergraduate Research Co-op

Dongwoon Lee Graduate Research Intern

Julian Lepinski Graduate Research Intern

Steven Li Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Wei Li Principal Research Scientist

Di (Tony) Liu Undergraduate Research Co-op

Ning Liu Research Engineer

Jessica Lo Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Zal Machado Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Jerome Maillot Research Scientist

Michael Maiolo Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Maryam Maleki Graduate Research Intern

Saurabh Mathur Graduate Research Intern

Florencio Mazzoldi Director

Justin McCandless Sr. Software Engineer

James McCrae Graduate Research Intern

Michael McGuffin Graduate Research Intern

Duncan Meech Principal Front End Software Engineer

Christopher Menezes Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Olivier Mercier Graduate Research Intern

Cory Mogk Senior Program Manager, Innovation and Technology

Jeremy Mogk Principal Research Scientist

Igor Mordatch Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Salar Mumtaz Undergraduate Research Co-op

Josh Natarajan Research Engineer

Justin Ng Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Carlos Olguin Research Manager

Russel Owen Researcher

Athina Panotopoulou Graduate Research Intern

Dave Parker Sr. Principal Software Engineer

Rut Patel Undergraduate Research Co-op

Larry Peck Head of Bio/Nano Research

Sharmila Phadnis Software Engineer

Rob Pieké Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Jacqueline Quinn Research Engineer

Carlo Quinonez Research Engineer

Simon Radford Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Raf Ramakers Graduate Research Intern

Michael Rooke Graduate Research Intern

Andres Rutnik Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Andy Sageman-Furnas Graduate Research Intern

Reza Samavi Post-Doctoral Researcher

Francesca Sarzetto Graduate Research Intern

Valkyrie Savage Graduate Research Intern

Joseph Schaeffer Principal Research Scientist

Ryan Schmidt Former Head of Design & Fabrication

Anton Semechko Graduate Research Intern

Frazer Seymour Undergraduate Research Co-op

Shashwat Sharma Graduate Research Intern

Dorothy (Dot) Silverman Research Scientist Associate

Patricio Simari Graduate Research Intern

Karan Singh Research Scientist

Hyunyoung Song Graduate Research Intern

Lisa Soros Graduate Research Intern

Kyle St. Leger-Barter Web Developer

Jos Stam Head of Graphics & Simulation

Ruslana Steininger Product Manager

Peter Stern Research Engineer

Annie Sun Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Aron Szekely Undergraduate Research Co-op

Michael Tao Graduate Research Intern

Malte Tinnus Sr. Pr. UX Designer

Michael Tsang Graduate Research Intern

Simon Van Mierlo Graduate Research Intern

Ajanthi Vasantharoopan Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Chris Venter Senior Research Scientist

Robin Vierich Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Aaron Virshup Principal Research Scientist

Akanksha Vyas Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Wei Wan Graduate Research Intern

Mingqiu Wang Graduate Research Intern

Xu Wang Graduate Research Intern

Nora Willett Graduate Research Intern

Huaijun Wu Principal Research Engineer

Haijun Xia Graduate Research Intern

Jun Xing Graduate Research Intern

Alex Yang Software Development Manager

Xing-Dong Yang Graduate Research Intern

John Yee Research Lab Manager

Sam Yip Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Shumin Zhai Research Scientist

Bill (Rui) Zhang Sr. SW Engineer

Hongbo Zhang Undergraduate Research Co-op

Lisa Zhang Undergraduate Research Co-Op

Yi Zhang Research Engineer

Jian Zhao Post-Doctoral Researcher

Wei Zhao Senior Software Engineer

Danlan Zhou Sr. Software Engineer

Michael Zyracki Software Architect