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Justin Matejka, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice (2012)

Citeology: Visualizing Paper Genealogy
CHI EA 2012 Extended Abstracts:
ACM Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems
9 pages

Citeology looks at the relationship between research publications through their use of citations. The names of each of the 3,502 papers published at the CHI and UIST Human Computer Interaction (HCI) conferences between 1982 and 2010 are listed by year and sorted with the most cited papers in the middle. In total, 11,699 citations were made from one article to another within this collection. These citations are represented by the curved lines in the graphic, linking each paper to those that it referenced.

Here are some sample Citeologies for selected papers:

Fig 1,2,3. Citeologies for "Tracking Menus", "Generalized Fisheye Views", and "Side Views"

Selecting a single paper lets you see the articles from the past that the paper referenced (in blue), and also the future articles which referenced it (in red). That first level of referenced and referencing papers could be considered the first generation of ancestors (i.e., parents) and descendants (i.e., children) of a paper. By extending the process further in direction we can see further generations (i.e., grandparents, grandchildren) of papers which the paper built from or inspired.

Fig 4. Zoomed in view of a high-resolution Citeology PDF file.

The Citeologies are shown at a relatively low resolution in the web page, but the program can also generate high resolution vector PDFs of the diagrams. You can download a sample PDF Citeology here (10MB) or by clicking on the above image.