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Lorenzo Villaggi, James Stoddart, Pan Zhang, Alex Tessier, David Benjamin (2019)

Design Loop: Calibration of a Simulation of Productive Congestion Through Real-World Data for Generative Design Frameworks
2019 Conference proceedings:
Design Modeling Symposium
pp. 376-389


Danil Nagy, Lorenzo Villaggi, James Stoddart, David Benjamin (2017)

The Buzz Metric: A Graph-based Method for Quantifying Productive Congestion in Generative Space Planning for Architecture
Technology | Architecture + Design
October 2017, TAD Volume 1 Issue 2
pp. 64-73

Danil Nagy, Lorenzo Villaggi, David Benjamin (2017)

Beyond heuristics: A novel design space model for generative space planning in architecture
2017 Conference proceedings:

Rhys Goldstein, Azam Khan (2017)

Simulation-Based Architectural Design
Guide to Simulation-Based Disciplines: Advancing Our Computational Future
July 2017
pp. 167-182